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How much does it cost?

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2015 01:59PM BST

The app is free to download, there are no hidden fees and Hailo doesn’t charge to come and pick you up. Plus, uniquely to Hailo, our drivers will wait 2.5 minutes for free when they arrive at the pickup location.

Our drivers do not charge a ‘Run In Fee’ (in other words, they don’t start the meter en route to picking you up) and once they reach the pick up location, and have let you know they are there, they will wait for 2.5 minutes before starting the meter - and you won’t find that from a cab you hail from the street.

Minimum fares are designed to increase the chances of you getting a ride when you need one most. This means that if the meter fare plus tip for your journey is less than the minimum fare, you will need to pay the difference so that the total amount you pay to the driver is equal to the minimum fare. Of course if your fare plus tip is more than the minimum, you won't pay a penny more. Click here for details.

We also offer fixed prices to London’s airports - always cheaper than the equivalent journey using the standard meter fare and very competitive. Of course, good service still deserves recognition, which is why we have made leaving your driver a tip easy and optional. And for more information on cancelling a ride, read our Cancellation Policy.

All meter tariffs are regulated by Transport for London (TfL).

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