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What are your cancellation fees?

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2014 08:46AM BST

We aim to provide an efficient and fair service for everyone using Hailo. Our cancellation fee of £5 is designed to compensate the driver when a passenger cancels a car without good reason. The vast majority of passengers do not cancel cars and therefore will not be affected by this fee, plus the fee only applies under certain circumstances. You can cancel a car without incurring a cancellation fee when:

  • You cancel before your car has been confirmed you change your mind and cancel within two minutes of your car being confirmed  
  • At all other times passengers will be charged the £5 cancellation fee. 

We will give you advance warning via an in-app message if you are liable to incur a cancellation fee and all fees go straight to the driver, Hailo doesn’t make a penny. 

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